Gimme More Piri Piri! (Portugal, Part 2)

The rest of my time in Portugal was spent indulging in all the local specialties and exploring the Old Town area of Albufeira. 

Meet Piri Piri sauce...my favorite new hot sauce that burns sooooo good: 

I also found the Portuguese to be friendly, welcoming jokesters. Take, for instance, this "large" beer that was presented to me...

Onto the town, Albufeira, which definitely reminded me of Mexico with a splash of European flair here and there. Judge for yourself:

So, Port Wine comes from Port-ugal. Get it? Learn something new everyday. 

I definitely noticed a lot of abandoned, broken down buildings in Portugal. A product of the recession? It was a bit of the shame to see once magnificent buildings literally falling to pieces. At the same time, it somehow added some great charm to the area, which is probably a very selfish first-world traveler thing to say. 

My overall view of Portugal was positive. The people there had a sweet, welcoming disposition and the town had this relaxed, summery attitude even amongst the cusp of winter. I will say I have no desire to visit again. Portugal didn't wow me in the way Norway or Ireland did, but it's still worth a trip, especially if you're looking to unwind and have a drink (or two) by the sea.


  1. I think I might be even more entranced with Portugal than England. Ever since I read Philip Graham's "The Moon, Come To Earth" about a year spent in Lisbon, Portugal has been very high on the list of countries I'd like to visit if I ever make it overseas.

    1. I am interested to visit Lisbon since I didn't make it there this time around!

  2. Did you put highlights in your hair? It looks good!


    1. In San Diego I did...you just can't tell in my London photos because there is no sun. :)

  3. Haha that minibeer made me smile! And I am such a sucker for a beautiful sandy beach, I am in love with the one in your photo! Thanks for the little tour around Albufeira, it looks like a very nice place to visit.

  4. Love Portugal!! :) Your photos are stunning girl. Glad you went and enjoyed it. :)

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